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1: Royal Spy-there is to be only one of these. He/she is choosin by the

    devils only and can be replaced if deemed nessacary. the Roayl spy is

    equil in rank to a Demi-god and has the power over all spies as does the

    devils of course.The royal spy makes the desicion to promote other spies

    but must confirm it with the devils first


2: Shadow Stalkers-These are the elites of the spies. All must be able to

    handle nukes and other hacklin programs and be able to nearly destroy

    clans by themselves. The royal spy will appoint who he/she thinks is

    worthy of this honor.


3: Stalkers-these are the advanced spies.they are still learning with the

    nukes and have found much useful information about our enemy clans and



4: Shadow Hunters-these are the basic level of spies in our mass.they

    have yet to become skillful with nukes and/or other hacking devices we

    will provide.


5: Scouts-this is the entry level spy class. you may be tested in this

    position and if you do not meet our standards, you will take the path or

    our warriors instead.