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1. You MUST be a cheating PK.

2. You will respect all other guild members AND allies at all times.

3. Anyone with a higher rank than you had right of rule over you. You

    will do as told, if you feel you are being misstreated, notify a devil

    ONLY and we will deal with it, you will not be thought less of in anyway

    and it will not be seen as an act of treason.

4. ears will either be given to Killerp~MoH~ or Opiate..

5. The devils will decide when you are ready for a promotion, except in

    the case of our spies, those are decide by the Royal Spy and the Devils

    will only approve it.

6.At any given time the devils may agree that you are not meeting our

    standards, you may either be demoted or banned from our ranks.

7.You are allowed the use of nukes/pingers/anytrhing else you find

    useful in net warfare as long as it is NEVER used on members or allies