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1. Devils= guild leaders, supreme rule over everything.

2. High Council = Is incharge of everything except declaring war when leader(s) are away, help's      Devils make decisions, must be on bnet a lot.

3. Demi-Gods= the most trusted and well proved warriors of our ranks.

    must be able to handle nukes well and contribute many ears.

4. Spies= click here for more details

5. Cras$ers= click here for more details

6.Arch-Bishops= are excellent hunter/pks and have contributed ears from

    the most wanted list

7.Bishops= are experienced hunters, and have claimed the lives of many

    foolish pkk's and other non clan members

8.Death Knights= must use a trainer of some type and be a battle

    hardened warriors.

9.Grunts= the basic warrior. they have yet to prove themselves worthy

    of anything higher.

10.Pawn= these are the building blocks of the clan, before they can

    officially be accepted they must perform a few tasks to prove

    them worthy of our cause.



Anyone of a higher rank has the right of rule over a lesser member. any

who are caught abusing they're power will either be released from our

clan our demoted depending on the violation. And all who feel they have

been treated unfairly may speak of the unjust treatment to only the

devils and they will not be thought any less of in anyway